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March 10, 2011

In Memoriam

Once upon a time, we used to live in a little apartment by the Potomac River and the Brunswick Line of the MARC train.

While we lived there, we made lots of changes:

We had a few holidays:

And one or two snow storms:

We hosted many guests {sometimes it seemed like our trusty futon was being slept in just as much as our own bed was!}.

We had many, many ups and downs.

We {well, I} watched trains … and every season of Friends {don’t ask how fast}.

We achieved one of our biggest milestones to date: graduating college. {Yes, Dad, it was the best seven years of our life … or not …}

Good-bye, little apartment! {Good-bye trains … Good-bye river … Goodbye cow¬†jumping over the moon. Goodbye light, and the red balloon …}

March 9, 2011

Our Home: The Tour

In February, we moved into our new home, a four-room apartment located in this delightful brick building:

As you can see from this quick tour in pictures, it was quite fresh and shiny when we moved in. Exciting moments for me occurred when I realized

a) the shelves in the refrigerator had all their pieces {no more strawberry jam and mustard hitting the floor when the fridge door was opened, like in our last place}, and

b) THERE WAS A WASHER AND DRYER {more on that excitement later}.

When you enter the apartment, you look directly into the galley kitchen:

I love, love, LOVE the stainless steel counter tops, glass front cabinets, and the shelves over the sink. I do NOT love the view {an odd slice of our neighbor’s tin roof and gutter}.

Turn right, and you will move through a teeny tiny hallway into the living room:

THE FIREPLACE!!! As you can see, it is currently boarded up. Apparently the previous tenant had a bat in the house, decided it came in through the fireplace, and determinedly screwed it shut using an ill-conceived method involving a whitewashed board and caulk. On the brick. {Since moving in, Ryan actually attempted to open it; more on that adventure later.}

The other end of the room looks like this:

… and will {hopefully} house the little baby table where we will eat real, grown-up dinners (instead of the kind served on a tray in front of the TV}.

That door goes back into the kitchen.

When you return to the hallway, you will see this, sandwiched between the kitchen and living room:

That’s right. We have stairs. Now I really feel like an adult.

At the top of the stairs, you can turn right and enter our bedroom:

This room is actually going to be home to both our bedroom and Ryan’s office. While he had a large, cozy office in our old apartment, he very sweetly offered me this cute room as my own personal creative space:

So so cute! This room has a window and a little baby radiator.

That door goes into the bathroom which … we didn’t take any pictures of. Oops.

And that’s that!

We’re very excited about this new place. Ryan loves the high ceilings, the fireplace, and the fact that it is very quiet {even though we live in the middle of town}. I love the kitchen, the big chunky molding, and the face that it is two stories. And I pretty much can’t wait to start working on projects!