About Us

Ryan: the Man.

Powers: Moving heavy stuff; hanging pictures, curtains, molding, etc; painting without making a mess, knowing when its time to leave a project to the next day, and buy the Woman some pizza and Diet Coke.

Weaknesses (aka, Kryptonite): rearranging “just for fun” (HOW IS THIS FUN), girly colors in shared living space, clutter (NO).

Weapons: Huge chunky molding, earthy tones, hardwood (flooring, panelling, molding, humidors, furniture, pets, etc), brown leather, stone, and fire.


Rebecca: the Woman.

Powers: Creative genius and visionary, motivating the Man to do her bidding, finding household items and decorations for cheap or free, selling things we bought used for more than we paid for them.

Weaknesses: Painting inside the lines, actually attacking half the projects in her head, dark colors, dirty floors (these basically act as a freeze-ray).

Weapons: Bright, cheerful colors, sheer curtains, wide-open windows situated for optimum passerby-stalking, full bookshelves.


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